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The Truth is the Whole: Essays in Honor of Richard Levins

edited by Tamara Awerbuch, Maynard Clark and Peter J. Taylor (2018)

This collection of essays and tributes carries forward Levins’ work in the development of the understanding of dialectics, ecology, public health, complexity studies, and other fields. (more details)


Organic Music Theory

Ben Schwendener (2017)

Organic Music Theory facilitates creative choices from naturally occurring-organic-and self-organized universal elements. The author clearly explains theory drawn from the modal period in jazz then expands it into a range of applications. This work addresses anyone sensing the existence of a larger realm of creative choice. (more details)


Ann(ie) Blum in Our Lives

edited by Peter Taylor (2016)

Letters and stories from family and friends, together with photos and words of her own, that evoke Ann Blum’s presence (more details, pdf)

Any net revenue from sales of this book is directed towards “The Ann S. Blum Memorial Scholarship in Latin American Studies” at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Gifts can also be made at (using the “Other” category).

River of Fire: Commons, Crisis and the Imagination

edited by Cal Winslow (2016)

Artists and activists and scholars, poets, teachers and artisans–all opponents of capital and empire–reflect on art and history, on education, health and work and welfare, on the city, on nature and the country–in the context of what we call the commons (more details, pdf)

Book cover: River of Fire: Commons, Crisis and the Imagination

Nature-Nurture? No: Moving the Sciences of Variation and Heredity Beyond the Gaps

by Peter Taylor (2014)

To say No to Nature-Nurture is to reject the relative weighting of heredity and environment and to say Yes to interesting scientific and policy questions about heredity and variation. (more details, pdf)

Book cover: Nature-Nurture? No: Moving the Sciences of Variation and Heredity Beyond the Gaps

The Harris Narratives: An Introspective Study of a Transracial Adoptee

by Susan Harris O’Connor (2012)

Five autobiographical narratives of immediate interest to scholars of race, identity, emotional intelligence, adoption, child welfare, as well as clinicians and those directly impacted in families created by adoption. (more details)


Taking Yourself Seriously: Processes of Research and Engagement

by Peter Taylor and Jeremy Szteiter (2012)

A field-book of tools and processes to help readers in all fields develop as researchers, writers, and agents of change (more details, pdf)

Book cover: Taking Yourself Seriously: Processes of Research and Engagement

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