Book “tour” for Nature-Nurture? No

Join or arrange online Events on the Book Tour for Nature-Nurture? No. Moving the Sciences of Variation and Heredity Beyond the Gaps by Peter Taylor (The Pumping Station, 2014).

At each 60-minute Event Peter presents a vignette from the book, then participants are led through a 30 minute process involving writing, reflecting, speaking, and listening to make connections with their own work.

Technical requirements: A google+ account with audio and video plugins, reliable head set or earphones, and practice muting your mic when not speaking.

Two options:

  1. Join an Event already listed on this community.
  2. Find four other people who can participate at an agreed-on time (9am-9pm, any day), get confirmation from Peter (, thencreate an Event for this time on this community. (The convenor gets a free pdf of the book for arranging an Event.)


    Genetic is not genetic is not genetic…
    The implications of underlying heterogeneity
    Nature vs. nurture versus Nature vs. nurture
    Interaction, interaction, and interaction
    What to do if you think something significant has been overlooked for 100 years
    Why call something genetic variance?

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